The Adult Christian Education Ministry strives to provide meaningful study opportunities, adventures, and encouragement so that those who come among us can develop the disciplines to make spiritual growth and discipleship a life-long process. The goals of the ministry are to:

  • Provide studies that help people increase their commitment to Christ and his church from membership to maturity, ministry and missions; that help people grow from knowing Christ, to growing in, serving, and sharing Christ.
  • Promote community in the church by establishing purposeful small groups that evangelize seeking people, support people with special needs, provide service project opportunities for our people, and train and equip our people for discipleship.
  • Remain mindful that people are at different places in their faith journey, and come from a diversity of religious backgrounds and experiences.

Currently, the are several adult study opportunities

  • Sunday Morning Study Meets on Sunday mornings between services from September through June. and after the service in July and August. 
  • Early Bird Study – Meets on Tuesday morning (10:00 a.m.) on Zoom from September thru June. Led by Charles McCrea, this group participates in a thematic study of the Bible.
  • Thursday Morning Study – Meets on Thursday mornings 10:00 a.m. Led by Pastor Bob, this group studies selected books of the Bible.