Custodian Wanted

     Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Job Description

The position of Custodian for Aldersgate United Methodist Church (AUMC) provides  cleaning and light maintenance services for the entire physical plant of the church. The custodian , in collaboration with the Pastor and Trustee’s committee, is responsible for  preparation of the church building so that it meets minimum cleanliness standards in a timely way for all groups who use the church.  The position reports to the Pastor , Chair of Trustees and the Staff Parish Relations Committee.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Provide weekly cleaning services to both floors of the church building.
  2.  Cleaning services will be provided according to a schedule agreed upon with Pastor and Chair of Trustees Committee.
  3.   Establish an effective record keeping system for all tasks as a means of documenting completion of task and time of completion.
  4.   Work with all church members, volunteers, and leasees effectively to understand needs.
  5.  Adapt cleaning tasks and schedule to accommodate necessary changes associated with church and renter activities.
  6.  Communicate directly with Chair of Trustees Committee about specific concerns or issues as necessary.

I Cleaning Tasks in the Upstairs Area

  1. In the Narthex and Sanctuary,
    • vacuum the carpet and floors
    • dust the altar railing
    • spot clean as needed
  2. In the Offices
  3.  vacuum carpets
  4. empty wastebaskets.
  5. In Hallways and Front Entrance
    • vacuum entrance rugs
    • dust front entrance
    • damp mop floors
    • empty wastebaskets
  6. In Fellowship Hall and Kitchen (excluding stove)
    • damp mop floors
    • spot clean as needed
    • empty wastebaskets
  7. In Stairways (interior stairs, Narthex stairs, back stairs by elevator, side stairs in Fellowship Hall)
    • Disinfect and wipe the railings
    • Sweep floors and steps
  8. In Restroom
    • Clean and sanitize
    • Resupply tissue, towels and soap as needed
    • Empty wastebaskets
    • Damp mop floors
  9. In Concord Room
    • Empty wastebasket
    • Vacuum carpet
    • Dust surfaces and radiators.
  10. Security Inspection
    • Verify all entrances are locked and secure

II          In the downstairs area:

  1. In Classrooms
    • Dry mop and spot clean
    • Empty wastebaskets
    • Vacuum rugs
    • Damp mop and disinfect floors
  2.  In Restrooms (all three)
    • Clean and sanitize per checklist on door
    • Re-supply tissue, towels, and soap as needed
    • Empty wastebaskets
    • Damp mop and disinfect floors
  3. In Downstairs Hallway
    • Vacuum entrance rugs
    • Dry mop floors
    • Disinfect hallway
  4. Security Inspection
    • Verify all entrances are locked and secure

III         General Custodial Duties:

  1. Order necessary supplies to support cleaning and minor maintenance tasks (e.g., paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc.).
  2. Minor Maintenance Responsibilities
    • Change light bulbs
    • Replace faucet washers
    • Periodically, walk around premises to note any items that might need attention
    • Minor maintenance tasks that would be typically done by a home-owner
  3. Mow lawn weekly during the growing season
  4. Annual Building Upkeep
    • Strip and wax floors
    • Clean windows

Minimum Job Requirements

  1. Interest or experience in the Protestant church.
  2. Effective interpersonal communication skills that are utilized with church members and leadership.
  3. Skill in the use of all necessary custodial supplies and equipment.