Habitat for Humanity

Habitat Fund Raiser – The New England Brass Band, Saturday April 23, 2016, Download the Brochure here!

Habitat Covenant – Aldersgate is participating in a new initiative by Habitat for Humanity called “From My Home to Yours” in which business, civic and faith based organizations are partnered with Habitat families to raise funds to build homes in other countries. Each organization agrees to raise $750.00, which will be matched by Habitat. The family selects a country in which the home will be built. We will be holding a Habitat board sale between services on Sunday, May 16Th to raise the funds for this project.

Aldergate will also re-covenant with Habitat on Sunday, May 16Th.  Please join us for fellowship with our partner, the Wiggins family, during the board sale.

Thank you for your continued support of Habitat for Humanity.

People recognize this as Jimmy Carter’s program with something to do about housing for the poor. Actually, it’s a well though out program that allows people to purchase a home with a zero fee interest loan and many required hours of sweat equity. This sweat equity is combined with non-denominational volunteers from religious organizations, corporate assistance from critical companies supplying materials and food or discounts on needed items, and financial institutions.
The owner of the house is able to get out of the rut of renting and leaves behind one life, while joining the ranks of homeowners around the world. This is something magical. Those that actively work with the groups, work side by side with the new homeowners. They are building “their own home”.
How does Aldersgate fit in? The first Saturday of each month is “our day”. We go to a house that is being rebuilt and help with whatever skills we might have. We assist those who are tradesmen and those who know just a little more than us. We paint. Once we start, we may work several Saturdays in a row. This stuff is contagious. The flexibility of the program is great.
For more information on what to do and when, call Greg Piper, through the church office at 256-9400. Lend a hand. You are liable to get more out than you put in.
Also, you can visit the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell Homepage at  http://lowellhabitat.org/

This is God’s work.