Endowment & Memorials

Funding The Future

Endowment & Creative Giving Opportunities
“Leave a legacy today, through Aldersgate’S Endowment Fund!”

Our Vision calls us to be a Beacon of God’s Love radiating Faith, Hope and Joy everywhere!

We share God’s love in many ways: reaching out to those in need, volunteering our skills and talents, pledging to the church budget, and learning about planned giving such as remembering Aldersgate in our Will.

Planned gifts are one way to support  our Endowment Funds which enhance all our ministries into the future. Once the fund value reaches $100,000, our Endowment Fund will distribute income to support property needs and missions projects. In addition, our investments include a Scholarship Fund to support participation in education, camps and mission activities and our Memorial Fund which temporarily holds Memorial gifts until disbursed or invested in the Endowment Fund.

AUMC Endowment Brochure – Take One!